The Family Portrait

The Family Portrait

The Family Portrait

When preparing this photoshoot all the materials were sourced from the near by fields. And people who saw us collecting all the dry leafs, for sure thought that we are crazy and strange. But only when you are crazy you can be truly creative and create something unique. This was the idea behind this shoot, to use different texture and colour dry plants and leafs to create something epic.

The shoot took place in front of an abandoned house, I must say that I love abandoned buildings as there is something so  mystical about them, and they always create a unique backdrop.

And we are for sure lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people, because without Paolino and Yolanda this day couldn’t have become so epic!

Planning and set up : Italian Boutique Weddings with our partners from Latvia – Mintdeco

Photographer : Miks Sels

Renting a vintage Fiat 500 made this day that more great. Our lovely fiat became third model, and fit so well into the day

That light!!! There is so much passion and intimacy in this moment . 

Dont you just love all the roughness of his hands that know how to hold her so gently …