Hannah & Misha

It was an early November day. We were so fortunate with the beautiful weather in a stunning venue in Puglia- Borgo Egnazia hotel.

And this was the day for my lovely Hannah and Misha all the way from the United States,  who crossed the world to come to get married in Italy.
The bride wanted Bougainville to be in bloom. It was hard to promise her this, so it was magnificent to see them in full bloom for the special day.

This was a wedding where I did all in one service so to say. Planned the wedding, prepared all the flowers and also celebrated their wedding. You would say crazy, especially knowing that I was pregnant with my baby boy at that time. But what can I say, I just love to do as much as I can for my couples.

It was a stunning day, and Hannah and Misha enjoyed every moment of it.
They were also so fortunate to do it at Borgo Egnazia, as not so many couples can have their wedding there, mostly because of the financial aspects and busy summer season. So this was their treat for choosing an off-season wedding date in November.