I love how Puglia has so much natural beauty, that you truly don’t need much to create a beautiful wedding here.

There are so many beautiful venues to choose from. And this is definitely the first step in creating a beautiful day.
Talita and Niklaus picked Parco della Grava to be their special place.  This is a stunning venue, immersed in greenery, there is so much privacy so that you can enjoy your day without unnecessary disruptions.

With destination weddings, you have the advantage to enjoy your relaxing morning at the wedding venue itself, since most of the couples and their closest guests check in the day before.

And this was also the case for Talita and Niklaus, who had a relaxing morning, enjoying every moment with their families and friends.

The ceremony was set up facing a secular olive tree, in my opinion a beautiful symbol for marriage, that no matter the circumstances, sun, rain or harsh winds, it manages to withstand and continue growing. The ceremony with its simplicity, was so perfect for the location, that you truly couldn’t wish for more.

And even the bride’s dress and accessories were perfectly curated. At a first glance they might seem simple, but yet so perfect. Beautiful clean lines, stunning details that just complement the wonderful personality of Talita.

I always love the photos of the couple’s photoshoot. To see their gentle interactions, the love in their eyes.. such a beautiful moment, when they can finally enjoy a bit of   alone time. It was such a beautiful wedding! Because the bride and groom  were so wonderful and in love ! and this is  the most important ingredient in creating  an amazing day.

Photographer: MARILISA