Ohh Krista and Anthony , I wish I could give you  even just a small taste of their personalities! They are such an incredibly fun and I would even say funky couple !
And this was probably that rare occasion when the groom’s outfits out stage  the bride’s outfits. His outfits were just so much fun! 

It was a true pleasure to work with them!

What I love the most about this wedding, is that they were not stressed or to preoccupied with having the “perfect “ wedding,  to me it felt like they were simply enjoying each moment to the fullest and were there to have a lot of fun! So their day indeed was perfect, because perfect  wedding in my eyes is the one where the couple and the guests , just enjoy the day, enjoy each other  and create unforgettable memories.

Ohh and they were madly in love with each other ! they complemented each other in an incredible way, just like the wine glass tattoos they have on their hands.

Their wedding dinner entrance song was “Around the world” by Daft Punk! What a fun choice! This just comes to show how much fun there was at this weeding.
But I hope that through the photos you get even just a little taste of this amazing day!

Photographer: Elina Upmane