The beautiful Villa Gamberaia  is such a stunning and epic wedding location. That no wonder Natalie and Phillipp chose it for their wedding.  With its magnificent gardens  and all the iconic Tuscan villa. And the style of this place, you can also feel how beautifully it blends with  the style of the wedding itself, classic yet fresh and sophisticated. It was a perfect match, from start to end.

And what about the bride, she was the perfect example when you think of a bridal glow.   and how perfectly the hairstyle and the natural make up, made her look even more beautiful , even if that’s hardly possible, as she is such a beautiful person, inside and out. You can also see her stunning smile, but I wish you could also hear her laughter, it’s the most delicous I have ever heard!

What about this dinner location, overlooking the  stunning panorama of Florence. There are not many venues where you  can have such a view!

Can we talk about this wedding dress change for the party?!

For the ceremony she picked a beautiful classic piece,  where for the party- this incredible beaded piece,  that was so incredibly fun !

Photographer: Chris and Ruth