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I truly love what I do. It goes beyond work obligations. I do it, not because I need to, but because I want to.

Your wedding isn’t simply about exchanging vows. It should be an immersive experience where you fully lose yourself in the magic of the day, creating memories that will last a lifetime. It's about emotions and the right atmosphere.

I love to help my couples plan their wedding day from the very first step, as being involved in all aspects of the wedding planning, in my opinion, guarantees the best result and a smooth run of the wedding day itself. Therefore, I offer full wedding planning.

Working closely with each couple, I share all my knowledge and expertise, suggesting the best options for each wedding, and then it's you that only needs to choose the option you like the most.

There are main tasks that I take care of, but since each couple is unique, flexibility is important, thus I always seek to help with as much as possible, no matter how big or small it would be.

I see myself as a creative person as well, so for each wedding I plan, I make sure I also take care of as many decorative or design elements as possible. You might see me doing different setups for the day, or maybe preparing your stationery, wedding favors or signage in advance.

Or who knows, maybe I will also be your symbolic wedding celebrant on the wedding day. Years ago, a couple asked, and I couldn’t say no. And now I have already celebrated quite a few beautiful and personal wedding ceremonies.

Please note that the wedding planning is fixed for each couple, and I don’t work on a commission basis.

Complete transparency is a core value; therefore, couples always sign contracts and pay the vendors and suppliers directly.


What’s Included

Developing the design of your wedding

Developing your flower plan

Assistance with your stationary design

Pre or post wedding event organization and coordination

Organization of transfers for the wedding day

Organization of your wedding ceremony

Being your symbolic wedding celebrant

Creating your wedding day timeline

Use of decorative material from our property

Full day- Wedding day coordination

And much more, depending on your personal needs.




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