Yolande & Yohnny

Yolande and Yohnny, what a couple! And their guests! Oh wow! They truly followed the Black Tie dress code perfectly, so elegant, yet so fun and  unique !

My wonderful bride and groom, simply the kindest and nicest people. It was an immense pleasure working with them.

They choose Masseria Amastuola in the south of Italy as a location for their 3-day wedding. With a  delicious wine tasting on the first night, to give the best welcome and a taste to all the guests who travelled all the way from the United States and Ghana, a warm and authentic welcome is a must.

Photographer: NASTIA VESNA


And on this night the bride showed her first look, an amazing white dress a perfect choice for our bride-to-be.
this was a beautiful, relaxing evening, before the main event the following day.



The wedding had a black tie dress code, which was such a beautiful choice, that fit so well the style of the venue as well. A venue that preserves the historical, but also incorporated beautifully the modern elements. It has this warm yet fresh atmosphere and stunning views, as it sits on the hill from where you have incredible views over the olive trees and masseria’s vineyards.  One of a kind views indeed !

The day started with the bride and groom getting ready together with their closest family and friends. Johnny looked impeccable in his tuxedo, so sharp and perfect. But then he smiles, and his smile is so warm and sincere, a moment where you clearly can understand what a kind and wonderful person he is.

Oh and Yolande… a bride that enjoyed her bridal morning to the fullest. And the way she posed; she was such a treat for the photographers to work with ! Indeed  her  bridal photo session got extended by quite a bit, and  that’s ok! Because yes, you need to try to stay within the pre-defined timeline of the day, but at the same time, always allow yourself the freedom to have more time,  don’t be afraid to be a bit late! As its so important to enjoy the day, and not worry about the rules too much .

 Wedding ceremony , with a string quartet playing in the background was celebrated by a Priest all the way from Ghana, who is also a dear family friend, so that made it even more special.
And the stunning views that the guests enjoyed at the ceremony location- were simple breathtaking. You could truly see how much the guests enjoyed each moment of this wedding.

Please also take note of all the amazing guests,  how curated to the smallest detail their looks are! It was such a treat for the couple to see how guests made the effort and  followed the dress code , as it was very important for the couple .

I love couple’s photoshoot moment. As they can be a bit just the two of them. Start realizing their new roles as a husband and wife, and  simply realize that’s its our wedding day  .
And aren’t these photos just stunning! So elegant and classic, and  you can feel the Italian Vibe in each moment!  Also this is the perfect example of why choosing a fun Italian vintage car is always a great idea! Apart from being fun  experience to drive it, it also gives you amazing photo opportunities

For the party Yolande changed into a sleek dress with  an oversized bow in her hair- what a beautiful and perfect party outfit ! She can be elegant, yet ready  for a night of crazy party!


There is no better way to finish your wedding weekend, than with a fun and colourful pool party! Oh, and it was perfect! You can get the taste of it from each shot…