I love this venue! Its rather small, but has so much character , such beautiful spots and details. Really a beautiful setting for a wedding! Also it’s a perfect example of when you have a beautiful space, you don’t really need to add much to create a beautiful wedding.

And indeed this is what Lucy and Tom did, they fell in love with the venue, and decided to do minimal decorative and floral  touches, as they saw the beauty of the venue and didn’t want to overpower it.  Instead we went  for investing into beautiful details, as chairs, traditional local ceramics and the fun fruit and nut touches for the greenery garland.

It was also very fun for me to work on this wedding, because  when possible I like to find ways how I can practically contribute to making the wedding more special. And for this wedding I  prepared their limoncello bottles, the beautiful dry flowers  bunches for the name cards, all the fruity details for the tables  and many more.   This is what I like, to get my hands  dirty  and get myself involved not only in the planning, but also in the execution so to say.   And Lucy was so wonderful, she gave me so much freedom, to do things as I see fit and surprise them.   As a result, I can gladly say that they loved the outcome, and this was the greatest reward for me, to know that I succeeded in making their day unforgettable.

This was such a delicious  wedding, with its vibrant colors, that popped so beautifully on the backdrop of the white masseria. 
And our wonderful photographers, were such a perfect fit for this wedding, they colors, and style of photographer complemented so well the personality of the wedding.

Photographer: Destination lovers