Sara and Alex got married in the amazing Masseria Moroserta where the saying Less is More, is the perfect example.  The venue is so perfectly designed and decorated that beauty surrounds you no matter where you go. And you truly don’t need much to make your wedding day stylish.

For this wedding, we not only closely planned it together with amazing Sara, the bride who clearly knew what she wanted also was happy to be very involved in all the planning processes.   But we also took care of all the decorations needed.  From the florals to hundreds of candles to cover the dinner tables.

The day started with a relaxed morning, while the groom and the bride got prepared with their closest family and friends, just to look stunningly  for the wedding.

They are my power couple, so fierce and strong ! And most of all crazy in love !

 Ceremony was in a beautiful secular olive tree field, where a centuries old olive tree was at the center, with flowing white linens framing it to become the perfect ceremony spot. And then just hundreds of white flower petals to mark the aisle , and it was perfect in its simplicity.  Simple yet so  powerful and perfect, do you agree?

And the light, the amazing colors of the land, the trees and the dark sky. So simple, yet so perfect, and above all that 2 people so in love with each other, the way they look at each other, as if no one and nothing else exists…. 

Probably the wedding ceremony is  my favorite part of the wedding, as  that is when it all starts, and here you see the most special emotions….

And then we proceed to the delicious part of the wedding. The rich Italian aperitivo with local delicacies  that’s its difficult to resist trying a lit of everything .  And here at Moroseta, the aperitvo setting is just so dreamy,  while you sip your prossecco or a glass of spritz, the time just flies.

Can we now talk about the stunning wedding dinner spot that Masseria moroseta has for us ?  The mismatched local ceramic plates, the vintage looking silverware, the white linens, and among that olive branches and hundreds of candles- it just doesn’t get more authentic and beautiful than this. This is the essence of Puglia. And among

These are the couple’s photoshoot goals ! So powerful and fierce! 
This is just one more example of why its extremely important to choose the best photographer possible, as they will capture your wedding day , so that these memories can last a lifetime.

To finish off this amazing wedding, a fun party is a must! And let me tell you, they had lots of fun.

Photographer: Monika Frias –