Oh, this was a pre covid wedding, postponed 3 times, as we had a bride’s family from Taiwan, and the groom’s family from US, so it was easy to manage all the constant restrictions and future uncertainties. 

But the couple stuck with their plan to get married in Italy no matter what.  And let me tell you, the outcome was worth the wait !

It was a wedding, with only the closest family and friends, very intimate day filled with so much love and gratitude. As everyone was just so happy to be here to celebrate the love of Eva and Jon.

And they could not have picked a more spectacular venue than Villa Medica di Lilliano for their wedding vows. This is such a stunning venue that so beautifully embodies The Italian  atmosphere.

The ceremony was set on the roof terrace from where you can see the the skyline of Florence, definitely one of a kind view.

When you travel from basically two opposite sides of the world, you do want a bit of the Old Italy taste like in the good old times.
  So the bride arrived in a beautiful vintage car to the ceremony, and to the string quartet playing in the background, was escorted by her mother to the altar. These moments are always so emotional.

After the ceremony, while the guests continued to enjoy the beautiful setting and the Italian wedding Aperitivo, Eva and Jon took their vintage car for a drive alongside the curvy Tuscan roads. This was such a treat for Jon, as he is very passionate about cars, and indeed was very specific on the car he wanted for his wedding day.

The day ended with the dinner in the garden of the  villa  . It was simply stunning, one of a kind setting. It felt like a private family gathering, something so intimate and personal. There was no fuss , it just felt so heartfelt and sincere.

No matter how big or small your wedding is, as long as there is love , that’s all that matters.

Photographer: Miks Sels,